K-5th Grade JWC Flyer: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NuxHshTf1R6SAltFUmixCiH7kyBzhzOOx3ySQ34d2TI/edit

6th -12 JWC Flyer: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BSQ_Nqw47cRdBG8WOW9QnhcYKYYUHBrsgOavigI7yxk/edit

ILR Flyer: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CTmJ4vGvE-cuvtaVZmPl5bTmEoDrvktM5M8yovtGfVg/edit

With your support, we have donated over $309,00.00 to Jefferson County public schools since 2009. ENC also donated over $20,000.00 for student chromebooks to the Jeffco School Foundation in May 2020. Jeffco School finalists in the 2020-2021 ENC Jeffco Writing Challenge and I Love to Read contests received additional donations close to $10,000.00.

Pandemic Perspective From Students – Writing Awards for 2021

Eighth Annual Jeffco Writing Challenge & I Love to Read Contest

In the spring of 2021 over 2,000 Jefferson county students participated in the Jeffco Writing Challenge and the “I Love to Read” Contest. The annual contests are sponsored by Education Nonprofit Corporation (ENC), a Golden-based nonprofit, in collaboration with Jefferson county educators.

First place winners received $100, and second, third, and honorable mention winners received $25, $15, and $10 Amazon gift cards, respectively. Students were commemorated in a slide show award ceremony (the link is below). Schools with the highest winning entries received monetary awards collectively totaling close to $10,000.00.

Student participation in the writing contests has increased for the last few years. There were close to 500 entries for eight grade alone this past year.

Students responded to writing prompts that asked them to consider what they learned in the last year and how they will help when future pandemics strike. Students had lots to say about what the year was like for them. Connie Brown, Jeffco Public Schools Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher, explained: “This has been an incredibly challenging and impactful year for all of our students, and that is evident in every entry. These pieces are truly time-capsule worthy—it made choosing the winners so incredibly difficult!”

Roger Dowd, Director of Gifted and Talented Programming for Jeffco schools, noted that, “Each year the Jeffco Writing Contest provides students in all grade levels at all Jeffco schools the opportunity to engage in writing on a topic that is personally meaningful to them. The program has incredibly generous awards and opportunities for both recognition and publication, but more importantly it creates an opportunity for all students to think, process and write in a communal and fun environment.”

ENC was founded in 2008 to support education in Jeffco and has donated over $307,000 to Jeffco schools since. ENC also awarded $20,000.00 in computers to the Jeffco School Foundation for Jeffco students last May 2020.